Quran Classes

Boys Quran ClassMonday-Thursday5:00pm – 7:15pm
Girls Quran ClassMonday-Thursday5:00pm – 7:15pm
Class times in Ramadan are scheduled to change.

Quran Class for Boys 6 and up
Quran is the structural foundation of every child and Masjid Hamza offers an opportunity for young boys to come and finish reading the Quran and hafdh-ul-Quran. The classes are offered Monday thru Thursday in the evening so the students can go to school simultaneously. Along with Quran and proper Tajweed they are taught Islamic studies so that they may form a connection with the Quran and understand it’s meaning. At Masjid Hamza we believe just memorizing and reading the Quran isn’t enough, but understanding and implementing the Quran will lead to a brighter future for the ummah and build leaders.
The Madarsah is taught by Hafidh Umar and others and was started in 2009 and now over 80 students come to read Monday- Thursday. For registration please fill out the form and contact Hafidh Umar or management.

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Quran Class for Girls and Little Kids
For young girls just learning Quran and boys not yet old enough to enter Madarasah, Masjid Hamza offers classes Monday thru Thursday taught by Sister Neimats. Each student is taught the Arabic alphabet and continues forward at a regular steady pace. Each student is put in a category according to his/her learning ability and volunteers work with the child to ensure a proper understanding and reading of the Quran. Majority of the students are split up according to their age and introduced to their peers to build a stronger relationship with their fellow Muslims.

Sister Neimats devotes her time and effort to the community by catering to each individual child’s need. This class offers a light and enjoyable time for children to come to the masjid and come closer to the Quran. Along with Quran they are taught daily dua’s and basic Islamic education that they may use on a day-to-day basis.

For more information please complete the registration form and contact Sister Neimat.

Quran class for Adults
Learning how to read the Quran with Tajweed is an essential part when it comes to reading the Quran. It isn’t only for young children and it’s never too late to learn the proper way to read the Quran. With age come responsibilities and a busy schedule which many times leaves little room to fulfilling the right of reading properly. An individual aspires and dreams to learn the proper way to read the Quran and often times has the intention to find a teacher and start, but it’s hard to find a proper place and teacher to learn from.
 For brother who are interested in this program we have our local huffadh who have started to do a 1-1 on program once or twice a week based on your schedule.