Islamic Marriage

At Masjid Hamza, we offer comprehensive marriage services that adhere to the Islamic Nikkah Sunnahs. Our dedicated team assists in the issuance of an Islamic marriage certificate, which is officially provided by ISGH, ensuring that your marriage is recognized according to Islamic principles.
Additionally, Masjid Hamza provides an ideal venue for your marriage ceremony. Our center boasts ample space and a flexible layout that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your special day. Whether you prefer a traditional setting or a more contemporary arrangement, our venue is equipped to accommodate your requirements, making your marriage ceremony memorable and seamless.




Funeral Services

ISGH South Funeral Home

Masjid Hamza now offers Funeral Services for all Muslims living in Houston’s south west region. We take pride in fulfilling all the Islamic rules and regulations.
We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have been through training and are experts.
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Masjid Hamza does not directly provide financial assistance. Instead, assistance is administered through the ISGH Zakat Office, situated at 10333 Harwin Dr. Suite 245, Houston, TX 77036. For more details, please refer to the following link: